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MUSEE GINZA_KawasakiBrandDesign代表が、世界50カ国140都市以上を巡り歩いた中から、

MUSEE GINZA_KawasakiBrandDesign : MUSEE means “art museum” in French. Beautiful art, gorgeous architecture, and encounters with their own special loveliness. A museum with everything distilled into one. Becoming an inspiration for creation, such a space beckons us even toward lives filled with beauty. Each museum is unique, sharing neither aim, nor location, nor works, nor exhibits with any other. Our gallery representative’s search for art museums and architecture spanned more than a hundred cities in forty countries the world over, and we introduce the fruits of that journey: these carefully-chosen museums.

020 Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton
«現代建築/Contemporary Architecture»«フランス・パリ/France Paris»«2014-»

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